Monday, 27 September 2010

Hello, welcome, let's get started

After years as a blog avoider it's come to this, I'm doing it. 'Course, whether I continue with it will depend on whether anyone reads the thing or comments on it.

The theme will be writing, of course, at least to begin with. The odd thing is though, I haven't been doing any! Most of my time, writing time that is, has been taken up with developing the alpha of this book shop over the last month or so. Before that I was in Spain for six weeks where the writing consisted of notes mostly about building a stone wall. These notes may sometime become a book of some sort called something like "The Stone Wall". I know, I know, you can't wait!

I've enjoyed creating the site, though it's been blinking frustrating at times. I used a package called WebPlus which promised much, but was a little disappointing - still what can you expect for £60? At one stage it crashed horrendously: to the extent that I couldn't get at my development files at all - all of my work seem to be lost. After many emails the helpdesk chappee managed to restart Webplus and I was on the road again. I think that I'm doing things that are not usual. At one time the thing produced 300 extra pages of rubbish that I had to delete one by one. It took at least an hour and left me with sore fingers and a sore brain. Repetitive deletion injury.

Now, at last, Rob's Book Shop is ready for trials. I am sending it to a few relatives and friends in the hope that they will give it a whacking and spot the obvious flaws. Then it's all speed ahead with marketing and then... Well hopefully I have found an outlet which frees me from the grips of publishers, at least some publishers (not all publishers are on my black list). More on this and the whole business of writing and getting readers in future blogs.

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